This is page for information and ordering our lyophilized wheatgrass juice in capsules in other Countries! We send this product to any Country via our Post express from Serbia.
Shipping costs: Paid by customers, you can see bellow how much, that price will be included on bill you get.

Why is this product unique?

Firstly, this product is made from wheatgrass juice, not wheatgrass, which is a big difference in amount of nutrients. Second, it’s made with best tehnology lyophilization which is used in making food for cosmonauts, because only water is removed from juice and all nutrients that have health benefits are preserved. Wheatgrass, as such, it’s mostly fibers, all nutrients are in little pockets in every leaves of wheatgrass, so it needs to be juiced on special slowly juicers made from plastic, not in blenders, so all nutrients can be released and preserved. After that, we freeze thath juice, and than follows lyophilization, which give us only few percent of that, alredy extracted juice, all water, over 95%, is removed. That powder, double extracted, is in every capsule.

For what it’s used for?

This product is dietary supplement, but it’s used for various types of diseases . It’s reach in nutrients like: vitamin a, vitamin b complex, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin e, vitamin k ; minerals like: magnesium, calcium, potassium sodium, iron, zinc ; 11 amino acids, more than 100 enymes and much chlorophyll. It boosts immunity, gives energy, revives organism, make you stronger inside and outside, helps in weight loss, solves viruses, bacteria and fungi like candida, it’s antistress, it regenerates blood, increases muscle tone, it affects hormones and reproduction, accelerates the production of red blood cells, helps with anemia and asthma, and it helps fight cancer beacuse of B17 vitamin. 



Lipase – Dissolves Fat
Protease – Helps digest protein
Amylase – Dissolves Sugar and Starch
Peroxidase – Neutralizing Acids
Catalase – Prevents cell acidity
Transhydrogenesis – Strengthens the heart muscle
SOD – Slows down age, protects against poison


Clium – Controls weight
Calcium – For strong bones and heart
Magnesium – Protection of the bowel
Sodium – Regulates water in the body
Iron – Red Blood Cell Composition
Selenium is a first-class antioxidant
Zinc – An Insulin Component

Essential Amino Acids

Lysine – Slows down accelerated age
Isoluecin – Indispensable for growth and development
Tryptophan – Creating Red Blood Cells
Phenylalanine – Helps thyroid function
Valin – Proper muscle function, calms nerves
Methionine – Helps cleanse your kidneys and liver
Histidine – Affects hearing and nerve function


Vitamin A – Important for epithelial growth
Vitamin B Complex- Necessary for Organism
Vitamin C – A Strong Antioxidant
Vitamin E – Protects Cells
Vitamin F – Prevents Cholesterol Deposition
Vitamin K – For Strong Bones

Price, paying and shipping

Price without shipping: 30 eur for one bottle of 30 capsules, 1 capsule 500mg. This is for one month of use, 1 capsule per day for prevention, healthy lifestyle stimulation, imunity, energy, bacteries, whole body cleaning and similarly, but for difficult imbalances you need to consume 2 capsules daily, for how long, it depends.
Bill is sent via email and you get original with shipment.
Discounts on multiple pieces:
3 bottles – 5%
4 bottles – 10%
5 bottles and more – 15%
Shipping price: From 9-18 eur, depending of wich country package ships to. (for Europe it’s cheaper than it is for America)
There is chance for customs clearance, there’s no rules for that.

You can order by sending us information on email:
Information needed: Name and Surname, Country, city, adress, post code, phone number.
Phone for viber messages, not calls: +38164 244 2216


Poručivanje i cene!

Sok od pšenične trave: 3.600 dinara za bočicu od 30 kapsula, šaljemo Postexpress-om, poštarina je besplatna. Na 2 ili više bočica kapsula 10% popusta. Krema od pšenične trave 50ml: 990 dinara plus troškovi poštarine, ukoliko se poručuje uz kapsule, poštarina je besplatna. Kada poručujete samo kremu, na 3 bočice je besplatna dostava.